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P.E.S. Surgi Lube

P.E.S. Surgi Lube

Ref: BD0007

Sterile Surgilube®: For those into urethral play, this lubricant is a must-have. Packaged in a sterile manner, this product reduces some of the risks a regular lubricant might introduce to urethral play. Also, Sterile Surgilube® is a great all-around water-based lubricant and can be used with almost all of the PES electrodes to ease in insertion and increase contact.

P.E.S. products are intended for use below the waist area. Do NOT use if you suffer from any form of heart condition, over inflamed/swollen//broken skin, if pregnant, if you suffer from epilepsy, if you have any penile/vaginal/anal disorders.
Paradise Electro Stimulations Inc (P.E.S.) and Gyer Design Ltd (Trading as World of Dreams) will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, harm or accident resulting from the use of any of these products how ever so caused. Use of P.E.S. products implies that you have read the instructions prior to use and accept these terms. No medical claims are expressed or implied.
ElectraStim products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. by Paradise Electro Stimulations Inc

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