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P.E.S. Electro-Flex™ Anal Plugs

P.E.S. Electro-Flex Anal Plug

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Anal Plug Sizes:
Single 1" outer diameter x 4" long - 25.4mm outer diameter x 114.3mm long
Double 1" outer diameter x 4" long - 25.4mm outer diameter x 114.3mm long
Large Single 1 1/2" outer diameter x 6" long - 39mm outer diameter x 157 mm long
Large Double 1 1/2" outer diameter x 6" long - 39mm outer diameter x 157 mm long

US Patents #5,871,533; 5,800,502; 5,697,966; & 5,571,118

Versatile! Flexible! Unique! These are just a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe the P.E.S. Electro-Flex™ Anal Plugs.

Made of our conductive silicone elastomer, Electro-Flex™, these plugs were built with comfort in mind. In addition to being softer than our original Acrylic Anal Plugs, the unique design also utilizes an internal non-conductive memory bend wire that can be bent to any angle for more focused stimulation or removed completely for free-floating Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES).

Electro-Flex™ Single Anal Plug used in conjunction with an Electro-Flex™ Single Penile Ring to complete the conductive circuit.

Available in two different sizes: 1” x 4” or 1 ½” x 6”, these Plugs are also offered as either single pole or double pole Electrodes. Either Plug design has its own unique stimulation properties.

The double pole Plug has two separate electro pads encapsulated in one Electrode. One pad runs the entire length of the Plug, enabling contact with the sphincter muscle and the prostate gland if desired. The second, smaller pad is positioned opposite the first, along the Plug where it can stimulate the prostate gland. The positioning of this Electrode determines the sensations delivered and when utilizing the memory bend wire, it can aid in focused prostate stimulation or prostate and sphincter stimulation combined.

If using as a single pole Electrode, the double pole Plug must be connected to another single pole Electrode such as an Electro-Flex ™ Penile Ring or Sparkler, for current to flow.

The electro pad on the single pole Plug encapsulates the entire plug head. This concentrates the energy inside the anal cavity where it can be used for focused prostate stimulation especially with the memory bend wire in place.

Electro-Flex™ Anal Plug using the the memory bend wire to hold the plug in a particular shape. This is useful for holding the plug against a certain area to maximize stimulation.

Like all P.E.S. Electrodes, the Electro-Flex™ Anal plugs require the P.E.S. Power Box in order to function, and are open to extensive experimentation with regards to how you wish to configure them.

Please note that the single pole Electro-Flex™ Anal Plugs (Items #130 & 132) require a second Electrode in order to function.

Customize your orgasm!

P.E.S. products are intended for use below the waist area. Do NOT use if you suffer from any form of heart condition, over inflamed/swollen//broken skin, if pregnant, if you suffer from epilepsy, if you have any penile/vaginal/anal disorders.
Paradise Electro Stimulations Inc (P.E.S.) and Gyer Design Ltd (Trading as World of Dreams) will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, harm or accident resulting from the use of any of these products how ever so caused. Use of P.E.S. products implies that you have read the instructions prior to use and accept these terms. No medical claims are expressed or implied.
ElectraStim products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. by Paradise Electro Stimulations Inc


P.E.S. Electro-Flex™ Anal Plug