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Folsom Guide to Electric Sex Instruction Booklet

Folsom Guide to Electric Sex Instruction Booklet

Ref: FE0024

Folsom Electric Company's Guide to Electrosex may not look like much, but it is 26 pages of valuable information.
Electrosex is not so straightforward and natural that you can get the most out of it without a little learning.

This booklet is Folsom Electric's first attempt to provide a detailed discussion of the sexual use of electricity.
As far as we know, this 24 page manual is the only reference available on this subject. Current plans are to update this publication.
This booklet provides detailed information on most of our products as well as some general information regarding the sexual use of electricity (including safety issues).

There's also a section on making your own "electric" toys.
As this booklet is somewhat promotional in nature, we offer it at very low cost

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