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P.E.S. Acrylic Anal Plugs

P.E.S. Acrylic Anal Plug

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Please Note: Medium & Small Sizes are currently Out of Stock with both us and the Manufacturer - we have both on order and will update this page as soon as we know when they will be available again.

Anal Plug Sizes:
Double 1 3/4" outer diameter x 6" long - 44.4mm outer diameter x 152.4mm long - Out of Stock
Double 1 1/2" outer diameter x 6" long - 38.1mm outer diameter x 152.4mm long
Double 1 1/2" outer diameter x 5" long - 38.1mm outer diameter x 125mm long - Out of Stock
Double 1" outer diameter x 4" long - 25.4mm outer diameter x 101.6mm long

One of the Original P.E.S. Electrodes, the P.E.S. Acrylic Anal Plug is a smooth acrylic rod with a conductive strip on each side to stimulate the anal sphincter muscle and interior of the anal cavity.

Acrylic Anal Plugs require the P.E.S. Power box and Low Profile Leads to properly function (Click Here)
This Electrode begins stimulating before the electricity is even added. The smooth and cleverly contoured sides stretch the sphincter and use the strength of these same muscles to hold the plug securely in place.

Once the power source is turned on, this Plug does all the work. Because it specifically targets the sphincter muscles, with the right settings on your Power Box, this plug will pump in and out of the anus thus providing not only fantastic physical stimulation but an amazing visual as well. A delight for the voyeur in your life!

A great Electrode for either men or women, this Plug is available in four different sizes: 1 ¾” x 6”, 1 ½” x 6”, 1 ½” x 5”, and our Micro Acrylic Anal Plug, which is 1” x 4”. The Micro Plug is great for beginners to anal play.

Like all P.E.S. Electrodes, the Acrylic Anal plugs require the P.E.S. Power Box in order to function, and are open to extensive experimentation with regards to how you wish to configure them.

Customize your orgasm!

P.E.S. products are intended for use below the waist area. Do NOT use if you suffer from any form of heart condition, over inflamed/swollen//broken skin, if pregnant, if you suffer from epilepsy, if you have any penile/vaginal/anal disorders.
Paradise Electro Stimulations Inc (P.E.S.) and Gyer Design Ltd (Trading as World of Dreams) will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, harm or accident resulting from the use of any of these products how ever so caused. Use of P.E.S. products implies that you have read the instructions prior to use and accept these terms. No medical claims are expressed or implied.
ElectraStim products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. by Paradise Electro Stimulations Inc

Total Price: 174.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


P.E.S. Acrylic Anal Plug