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Folsom Vaginal Plug

Folsom Vaginal Plug

Ref: FE0043

The FEC Vaginal Plug has three electrically conductive surfaces.
Two are located near the base end of the plug, with the third located at the tip of the device.
The base conductors can be "Y'ed" together (using the included "Y" adaptor) to pass current from the tip to the base contacts.
After 2 years of beta testing (and many happy testers) FEC feels that the conductive surfaces have been maximized to produce
The ultimate stimulation satisifaction!

The vaginal plug is normally used in either of two configurations.

When you connect the two conductive surfaces near the baseplate to your electrobox, you will create an electrical path at the bottom of the plug.

Alternatively, you can connect these two areas together using the Y-adapter that is included with this plug, thereby making it as a single acting conductor. When you then connect the box to the Y-adapter and the third pole on the plug, you create a path from the tip of the shaft to the base electrodes.

The different electrode configurations provide for varying erotic sensations...

Y-adapter included. Three 4 mm banana sockets on the baseplate of the plug for the connections.

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