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Folsom Urethral Insert

Folsom Urethral Insert

Ref: FE0041

This urethral insert is made from chrome-plated brass metal for comfortable insertion and use. The penis will receive electrical charges and may cause intensely enjoyable stimulation.

The plug measures 75 mm (3") in length and 8 mm (1/4") in diameter. Each electrode weights about one oz. and has a 4 inch lead which is terminated with a female banana jack. This item will connect to a standard lead set.

This is a unipolar urethral insert. Unipolar means that this item requires another unipolar item to complete a electrical circuit.
It is suggested that this item be used with other unipolar items, such as other unipolar electrode devices including: prods, insertable anal electrodes or even bipolar butt plugs (using a "Y" adaptor).

As with all the urethal toys: please work hygienically (sterilise the toy in advance, use surgical gloves and sterile lubricant).

Safety Notice: This electrosex product should be used with caution. Devices, such as this one, are recommended for advanced users. New users should be sure to follow all directions and cease use at the immediate sign of any discomfort. We are not responsible for any injury or damage due to misuse of this product.

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