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Folsom Catheters

Folsom Catheter - Small

Ref: FE0015

Hefty! These catheters are made from a silicone material that is impregnated with particles of silves for conductivity. It's flexible and has a nice and smoothly rounded tip on the tip.

The very intimate and moist contact this toy makes with the inside of the uretha, once inserted, gives this electro catheter its specific edge. Of course you have to close the curcuit to make it work; put the other pole on a cockring or, even better: on a buttplug. When the current runs through your prostate, it's quite possible to cum and ejaculate without even touching your dick!

Electric "Catheters" are unipolar products which must be used with another toy which is in contact with the body.
"Catheter" is probably not an accurate term for these products, as they are only ment to be inserted a minimal distance into the urthera and never byond the shaft of the penis .
This product is made of a solid, flexable conductive silver/silicon material.
These conductive catheters produce a totally unique sensation (especially when used with a butt plug or insertable electrode).
It's not uncommon to produce ejaculation without any manual manipulation.

Uses a standard 4 mm bananajack.

Note: Always use plenty of water based lubrication with this toy.
Take hygienic precautions with this toy. Sterilise it in advance, wear surgical gloves and use sterile lubricant
Also note that lubricants containing nonoxynol-9 can be very irritating to the urethra and should be avoided with this application.

Price: 68.87 (Including VAT at 20%)