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Folsom Butt Plug - Junior

Folsom Butt Plug - Junior

Ref: FE0007

The Folsom electric anal plugs are made of a durable plastic compound for a long life.
Each is shaped to fit securely in the anus.
When inserted, electricity will flow from one conductive silver strip to the other, causing sensations that can only be experienced through electrosex.

This black hard plastic plug has two conductive metal strips running down the sides so it's a bipolar toy.
When you connect the plug to an electrobox, the current running through your rectum will cause your sphincter muscle to alternately contract and relax in the same rhythm as the pulse: a fucking great feeling.

On the baseplate of the plug are two 4 mm bananasockets for connection to your electrobox.

Junior: insertable length - 120 mm (4.5"), diameter: max: 40 mm (1.5") min: 25 mm (1")

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